With the Mainstream Media manipulating the news you read and with Social Media suppressing critical information and opinions, it sometimes easy to feel isolated. “Am I the only one that sees America moving backwards?”
That’s why we launched “Let’sGoBrandonPOLLS” – to give you a place to express unfiltered opinions without the MSM or Social Media standing in the way.
Every day we take the pulse of our national audience of engaged and informed readers with questions about what’s on your mind: The President, the Vice President, the Supreme Court, Nancy Pelosi, the Deep State, Crime, the Teachers Unions, CRT, the Economy, Immigration, Lockdowns, the National Debt.
Delivered each day, right to your inbox we ask the questions you concerned about and quickly share how your opinions stack up with your fellow Americans. Spoiler alert: there are more people that think like you do, than you ever imagined!
At “Let’sGoBrandonPOLLS” we stand for American values: preserving our Constitution and turning our backs on fake news, wokeism and the national division that has been radiating throughout this great nation. . .
We know that the issues we are tackling today will impact our children and grandchildren for decades to come.
The “Let’s Go Brandon” movement has galvanized the nation and has been playing out at stadiums, school events, shopping centers and just about everywhere these past few months. It shows no signs of slowing down.
Reach out to let us know what you think of our daily polls. If you have a great poll idea, let us know . . . . We’d love to hear from you,
Thank you for supporting our efforts and joining us on this journey.